106.18 Technician Certification Program

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The Technician Certification Program web page includes information on how to become certified including applications, course calendar and certification manuals.

106.18 tccc.jpg

TCCC trainings are housed and delivered through our partners, FHWA and National Highway Institute (NHI). You are encouraged to take these training courses.

You can use the links below or find the courses by searching the course number.

Upon successful completion of each course, print your Certificate of Training and send it to your Learning Management System (LMS) representative to have it added to your profile.

Click "Training Admins" to find your profile on the LMS site.

Basic Courses for Everyone

1. TCCC FHWA-NHI-134069, Ethics Awareness in the Transportation Industry

2. TCCC FHWA-NHI-134071, Improving the Daily Diary

3. TCCC FHWA-NHI-134108A, Highway Plan Reading Basics

4. TCCC FHWA-NHI-1341072, Math Module

5. TCCC FHWA-NHI-1341078, GPS Technology

6. TCCC FHWA-NHI-381001, Safety Orientation

7. TCCC FHWA-NHI-381007, PPE and High Visibility Garments

Contact Info

The contact for more information on Technician Certification or TCCC Web-based Training information is:

Donna Hoeller
Intermediate Materials Technician
Technician Certification Program Coordinator
Construction & Materials
Phone: 573-522-2742
Fax: 573-751-8682
emailto: Donna.Hoeller@modot.mo.gov