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It was brought to my attention that there is a discrepancy between Section 1091.3 of the Spec Book and the Standard Plans, drawing 901.00X. The Spec Book calls for the use of "lock washers" that are not shown on the Standard Plans. This was brought to my attention on a project that had accepted shop drawings for the foundations/poles, which also did not include lock washers. The Inspector and Contractor built according to the shop drawing, but at the project final acceptance inspection it was pointed out by our Traffic department they were lacking the lock washers.

Can the Spec Book, Standard Plans and Shop drawing all be edited to reflect the same intent?

(Excerpt from Spec Book) 1091.3 Circular Steel Pile Foundations. Circular steel pile foundations, the steel connector plate and steel closure plate shall be of the dimensions shown on the plans. The slotted hole may be saw cut or flame cut. All sharp edges shall be ground smooth. The steel connector plate and steel closure plate shall be welded to the steel pile foundation. The foundation assembly shall be fully galvanized after fabrication. Bolts shall project no less than 1/4 inch (6 mm) nor more than 5/8 inch (16 mm) beyond the nut when properly tensioned. Flat and lock washers shall be used for attachment.