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  Sr. Chemist Jeff Wilson pours asphalt binder for quality assurance testing.
Sr. Chemist Jeff Wilson pours asphalt binder for quality assurance testing.
  Maintc. Worker David Poynter ensures the trench is level as Sr. Maintc. Worker Tim Porter digs for a county road drain pipe on Rte. Y in Clinton County.
Maintc. Worker David Poynter ensures the trench is level as Sr. Maintc. Worker Tim Porter digs for a county road drain pipe on Rte. Y in Clinton County.
  Maintc. Crew Leaders Cody Key (left) and Sr. Maintc. Worker Chad Embrey (right) are part of the crew patching Webster County Rte. PP near Fordland.
Maintc. Crew Leaders Cody Key (left) and Sr. Maintc. Worker Chad Embrey (right) are part of the crew patching Webster County Rte. PP near Fordland.

MoDOT has made great strides to build a good transportation system and increase taxpayers' trust in its ability to deliver what was promised. Innovative concepts, such as Practical Design and design-build, were used to deliver those commitments and have made MoDOT a leader in the transportation industry.

These forward-thinking, innovative concepts are reflected in the ENGINEERING POLICY GUIDE (EPG). This document provides a single reference for all engineering and engineering-related guidance by combining the former Right of Way, Design, Bridge, Construction, Traffic and Maintenance manuals.

MediaWiki, the engine behind the Wikipedia on the World Wide Web, is the software delivering the EPG. Over 20 million hits on the EPG endorse this format to be easy to navigate and pleasing to read. A small HELP ARTICLE is included to assist with helpful hints on how to use the EPG as well as other points of interest.

When Dynamic Message Signs are not showing emergency or lane closure information, they display safety reminders. Recently, they have been given a hint of sarcasm and humor to resonate with motorists.
Perhaps you've wondered how many hits the most popular EPG articles have. As of late August, the numbers of hits are:
20. EPG 400, 100355 10. EPG 616, 146618
19. EPG 751.5, 101689 9. EPG 101, 175762
18. EPG 903.6, 102006 8. EPG 600, 179950
17. EPG 134, 105228 7. EPG 616.23, 181317
16. EPG 136.4, 107141 6. EPG 136.12, 184135
15. EPG 751.40, 110882 5. EPG 100, 221708
14. EPG 136.9, 112238 4. EPG 700, 229508
13. EPG 620.2, 114104 3. EPG 900, 247392
12. EPG 903, 126570 2. EPG 751, 277938
11. EPG 200, 143350 1. EPG Main Page, 1672592

Box Culvert Quantity Program

8/20/14: This program is now presented in EPG 751.8 LRFD Concrete Box Culverts.

EPG 751. Roadway Fill

8/18/14: Guidance for the minimum fill over box culverts under roadway has been added.

EPG 903.10.1 Sizes of General Service Signs

8/13/14: General Service Signs have been discontinued. They shall be left in place until they reach the end of their service life.

Land Disturbance Training 2014 and Land Disturbance Tablet Training 2014

8/13/14: In EPG 806.8 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), the Land Disturbance Training 2014, a summarized refresher presentation, was updated. Also, a video, Land Disturbance Tablet Training 2014, is now available for ipad and tablet users.

EPG 750.7.11.1 Minimum Fill Heights

8/12/14: Guidance has been added for minimum fill heights over box culverts. Also, guidance for minimum fill heights over pipes was updated.

Standard Detailing Notes

8/8/14: Note A1.1 was updated for LRFD Seismic Design.

EPG 751.5.3 Hydraulics

8/8/14: Guidance and flood data tables were updated to be consistent with practical design.

EPG 622.2.1 Construction Inspection for Diamond Grinding of Existing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement

8/7/14: MoDOT and MDNR have agreed to a sixth precaution involving dispersal of diamond grinding residue.

EPG 236.5.14 Release of Temporary Easements and Retention Clauses

8/6/14: A fourth method is now available to release temporary easements or retention clauses.


8/5/14: A new paragraph at the bottom of Maintenance Responsibility clarifies existing policy. Guidance in EPG 642.1.1 Sidewalk Location and Width was revised to reflect the 4 ft. minimum width allowed after approval through the Design Exception process.

Updated QRGs

8/4/14: Two QRGs, Emergency Contacts and Line Item Adjustments, have been updated in EPG 101 Standard Forms.

EPG 902.15 Designing a Traffic Signal

8/1/14: The Signal Design Worksheets spreadsheet is now available.

Standard Detailing Note

7/29/14: The new note, A5.6, will be used for all concrete superstructures where precast panels are used.

EPG 903.4.12 Overhead Sign and Truss Inspection/Inventory

7/29/14: This revison reflects the decision to move sign truss inspection responsibility to Bridge. There is no approved inspection frequency at this time.

EPG 203 Compacting in Cut

7/25/14: The extent of cut compaction has been extended to include unclassified material areas that fit the description of Class A material.

Design Exception Process

7/21/14: In EPG Safety Related Features, AASHTO's Highway Safety Manual analysis has been clarified.

Standard Detailing Note B3.33

7/21/14: In EPG 751.50, Note B3.33 was added stating the maximum actual weight of corrugated steel stay in place forms used for girder loading. The weight of stay in place corrugated forms was not included on plans before, but since the depth of these forms is to be designed by manufacturer, the assumed weight of these forms for girder loading is given as a limit.

EPG Contents of Clearance Certification

7/16/14: The copy of the estimate captioned "Acquisition Complete" is no longer to be attached to the certification when the project is certified clear.

FY 2015 Contract Level Course and Seal Coat Projects

7/14/14: Updated guidance for FY 2015 Contract Level Course and Seal Coat projects is now available in EPG 409 Seal Coat and EPG 402 Bituminous Surface Leveling. Each district will need to submit a list of their FY15 Contract Level Course and Seal Coat projects to allow statewide review of the groupings. Also, the PS&E submittal date will be pushed back to July 21, 2014 for the Contract Level Course and Seal Coat projects in the September 19, 2014 bid opening, to allow for revisions to be incorporated.

Mechanical Bar Splices

7/10/16: In EPG 751.5.11.1, new guidance specifies the need for additional mechanical bar splices when required in the approach slabs because of stage construction. Also, new Standard Detailing Notes, A3.6 and B1.9.7 were added and C.3 Mechanical Bar Splices was deleted.

ROW Leases and Airspace License Agreements

7/8/14: Guidance has been clarified and figures updated in EPG Security Assessment for Leased Areas Over or Under Highway Structures.

Updated QRGs

7/8/14: Two QRGs, Digital Signature for Adobe Pro 10 (Contractors) and Digital Signature for Adobe Pro 10 (MoDOT), have been updated in EPG 101 Standard Forms.

Contractor Performance Evaluation

7/2/14: EPG 102.2 Contractor Performance Rating System now presents the latest version of the Contractor Performance Evaluation Example Form.

PPE Posters

7/2/14: New PPE requirements are in effect for all MoDOT workers on MoDOT right of way with slightly different requirements for daytime workers, daytime flaggers, nighttime workers and nighttime flaggers. The most significant change is for nighttime flaggers (who shall wear highly visible and reflective hard hats). Contractors are also being held to the same standards as MoDOT employees.

EPG 104.13.2 Value Engineering Proposals, Concept Proposal

7/1/14: Guidance has been expanded to clarify for the resident engineers and any contractors of the minimum expectations for VECP and PDVECP submittal information.

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