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Mobilization includes the movement and preparation of facilities, equipment, supplies and personnel for work on the project. Mobilization costs are included on every project and may be estimated at

  • 4% to 5% for pavement surfacing (resurfacing, seal coat, UBAWS, etc.),
  • 5% to 6% for grading and turn-key projects,
  • 7% to 8% for bridge projects and
  • up to 10% for miscellaneous projects.

The percent selected should be applied to the project’s total cost (the cost that includes all items) when the estimate has been completed. This figure will be more carefully analyzed and adjusted by Design.

No standard plans are associated with mobilization, but the Mobilization standard spec is included in the Missouri Standard Specification for Highway Construction.

See EPG 103.2 Contract Bond for Sec 103.4 for guidance on how to adjust mobilization in order to reimburse the contractor for the cost of the contract bond and railroad liability insurance.

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